Our Services

Deciding on a new private and/or business domicile means being confronted with countless unfamiliar laws, rules, regulations, and customs. We know every nook and cranny of this jungle. Be it when choosing your new location, including the tax-related aspects that must be considered, when applying for permits or when dealing with public authorities, searching for suitable residential properties, or any other aspects – you delegate, we provide advice and support, negotiate, and turn your wishes into reality.

Small but select – and with a far-reaching network: Our team is just the right size and has a competent and experienced expert for any question you may have. And in addition, we have a close network of contacts both in Switzerland and internationally. In other words: Your contact partners are always the same; the know-how is multiplied. And you can rest assured that your trusted partners will always act in your best interests, just as they would for themselves