Company resettlements

We are the right partner for clients from abroad who intend to transfer or expand their business to Switzerland, or wish to establish a new company here, as well as for Swiss citizens who are looking for a new company domicile abroad. We handle the search for a suitable location and – depending on the location’s legal and tax-related framework conditions and the strategic goals – the suitable legal form for the company.

Our services include general market entry consultancy and support for legal questions focusing on labor and corporate law. Specifically, we carry out:

  • Market analyses
  • Clarifications, consulting, and support during the location selection
  • Initial contact and accompanying you to meetings with the applicable authorities
  • Consulting and support when choosing the legal form of the company and during the founding of companies
  • Acquisition of work and residence permits
  • Search for suitable commercial sites (rental/purchase)
  • Contractor services
  • Comprehensive evaluation of tax-related aspects
  • Legal consulting
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Project management