Residence relocation

Should you decide to move to Switzerland or even choose another new country of residence, our team offers you valuable support. We are familiar with the relevant framework conditions and customs, and ensure that they are compatible with your needs. We accompany you during all planning aspects related to your change of residence and the improvement of your international mobility. In particular, our services include:

  • Evaluation of the optimal location (canton, municipality), including taxrelated aspects (e.g. flat-rate taxation)
  • Initial contact and accompanying you to the applicable authorities
  • Acquisition of work and residence permits
  • Search for attractive residential properties (rental/purchase)
  • Financial consulting in cooperation with selected partners

Once your relocation has been accomplished, we handle all the related details and ensure that your integration with the new environment is easy and effortless. You benefit from our extensive knowledge of the Swiss healthcare and educational systems, for example with respect to private and international schools, or schools that fulfil special demands in Switzerland. We clarify what possibilities you have, coordinate the schedule, and upon request, accompany you to meetings.

Are you planning to relocate your residency to another country or to acquire a new nationality in order to improve your international mobility? We have an indepth understanding of suitable attractive programs, not only for Switzerland, but also for countries such as Cyprus, Malta, Spain, etc. and ensure that it is possible to reconcile your needs and the necessary requirements for this step.